Patient Information

Oncoplastic breast surgery

Breast conserving surgery does not always result in better cosmetic outcomes. Many studies have shown that over 30% of patients are unhappy with the cosmetic result of their breast conservation surgery.

The term ‘oncoplastic breast surgery’ was coined in the 1980s. This kind of surgery involves using plastic surgery techniques to improve the cosmetic outcome of conventional breast conserving surgery.

The main aim of oncoplastic surgery is to improve the cosmetic outcome and patient satisfaction with their breast surgery. Potential benefits of oncoplastic surgery over conventional breast surgery include:

Surgeons trained in oncoplastic breast surgery use a wide range of special techniques including moving breast tissue from one place to another to fill a defect where a cancer is removed from, contralateral breast reduction and mastopexy, and repositioning the nipple. Dr Lancashire undertook extra sub-specialty training and qualifications after his specialist surgical training to learn and master these surgical techniques.

Oncoplastic breast surgery is technically challenging, and often the procedures take much more time than conventional breast surgery.

Not everyone needs, or is suitable for, oncoplastic breast surgery. Dr Lancashire will talk to you about what it entails should it be required.